Sunday, June 2, 2013

Doctor.... Who?

With today's news that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who in this year's Christmas Special, the show has become a talking point for me (a Whovian) and my flatmate (who is distinctly not a Whovian and can't even keep the difference between Sherlock and Doctor Who straight) this morning.

She decided that the person who should take over from Matt Smith was, in fact, herself. So I decided to test her Doctor Who trivia. These are the questions and answers, practically verbatim.

There are no spoilers here - I think all these questions are pretty basic for anyone who's watched the show, and I'm not giving the actual answers, just those I was given as I asked them.

Q: Who is the last Centurian?
A: Daniel Day-Lewis.

Q: What is a Cyber Man?
A: A man who is in cyber space.

Q: What is a Dalek?
A: I know this one! They're a cardboard man with little egg cartons on the outside and stick things.

Q: Who is your favourite Doctor?
A: The old one from the 80's with the grey springy hair.

Q: What's the TARDIS?
A: The phone box... no, an emergency services box, where you call the police. It goes flying through time and space.

Q: How do people often describe the TARDIS?
A: As a phone box.

Q: What's a sonic screwdriver?
A: A screwdriver that's made by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Q: What meal does the Eleventh Doctor want after he regenerates?
A: I know this one! Custard and fish fingers!

Q: What is Bad Wolf?
A: A wolf that blows houses down. And the three little piggies don't like him.

Q: What intelligent species occupied Earth before humans?
A: Daleks. The egg carton ones.

Q: Name three alien species.
A: Daleks, the slug people, the vulcans.

Q: What piece of headwear is the Eleventh Doctor fond of?
A: The orgasmatron. No, it's a hat! A top hat, no, a trilby, no a cap.

Q: Who is K9?
A: Doctor Who's lady sidekick. Like Agent 99 in Get Smart.

Q: What is a Chameleon Circuit?
A: The place where Boy George lives.

Q: Who is River Song?
A: [The Doctor's] little cat sidekick.

As a last request, I asked her to put on her best Doctor Who costume. This was the result:

So what do you think? Anna Connell for the next Doctor?

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  1. *falls over laughing* Those are some of the bestest answers ever!

    xx Dee


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