Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

Argh, I managed to avoid it for so long... but today I have begun wrapping Christmas presents.

I always go a little overboard. I am the person who gives gifts adorned with bows and ribbons and who wraps everything separately. I feel OK about it because I recycle a lot of my bows and ribbons and wrapping paper, but still - I am the person who does that.

I am a person who abhors Christmas wrapping paper. I wrap in plain colours - plain white, plain green, plain blue (and one year, plain brown). I get carried away and festoon my presents in bows, and ribbons. Lots of ribbon.

There is no rhyme or reason for it - I actually deeply despise Christmas and all it's commercialism - I guess I just really like wrapping.

Today I wrapped up five separate chocolate bars, separately, for my Twitter Secret Santa. I did so in Christmas paper covered in snowmen - which I think is horrific because I haven't experienced a single Christmas where there were actual snowmen, but we have a roll of snowman paper and I haven't replenished my supply of plain paper, so that's that. They got wrapped separately 'cos I always prefer quantity to quality. Though, the chocolate isn't exactly Cadbury's from the Supermarket.

I recycled store-wrapping while doing other gifts, so there are also brown polka dots on a pink background, and black and white stripes.

Then I found some leftover plain white and used that too.

All the presents I have so far (which is not many) are now wrapped.

I'm not doing Christmas as hard-core as I did last year. At this point, I have no plans to spend Christmas day with anyone, so I feel that gives me a mandate to not buy those people I am not spending time with a gift. Instead I'm keeping it to family, and a select few others. Plus my Secret Santa and the poor of Auckland who are benefiting from my company's gift drive.

I'd put them under a tree for the blog-photo, but we don't have one - I haven't had a Christmas tree in about 10 years, and I am completely OK with that.

Merry Christmas, and all that.

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