Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unfair Hangover

I've spent most of today nursing what must be the most unfair hangover in history.

It's unfair because I didn't even get drunk.

I'm really not a drinker. 99% of the time I prefer a non-alcoholic drink, so keeping alcohol in our house really isn't a problem. We buy it, but I usually stop at one or two glasses, and I don't tend to go 'drinking' very often. I'm also a very, very slow drinker. Usually my friends are on their third (or sometimes even fourth, depending on who I'm with) before I'm on my second.

My parents aren't really drinkers either. They drink more than I do, but I've never once seen them drunk (I'm not saying it hasn't happened, it's just I've never seen it).

The reason I don't tend to drink? I don't think it's worth the consequence. I hate being knocked out for pretty much an entire day. Drinking is just too much effort for me and most of the time makes very little sense. I'm flawed in many respects, but my love of alcohol is not one of them.

So why today, after only 3 drinks last night, am I nursing a shitter of a head today, despite copious amounts of water and liberal dosing of painkillers?

The only logical explanation is that I committed the cardinal drinking sin - I mixed my grain and my grape. I had one gin and tonic, and followed it with two sangrias.

Argh. I'm going to pop some more Panadol now.

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