Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clean ALL the things!

This afternoon I decided that our house needed spring cleaning.

I wrote a giant list and went to it - the microwave, the fridge, the laundry, my room, the windows, the dishes and the trash were all attacked.

I got a lot of work done. Anna joined in as well to hit the bathroom, her own room and the floors.

I have spent the last seven hours cleaning and now I am KNACKERED.

I haven't even finished yet - the oven still needs going at (I sprayed it with that highly toxic oven cleaning stuff so I'm committed to it now), the laundry needs folding and putting away, and the sheets could do with a wash. I've officially finished for the day, but it's going to have to continue into tomorrow.

Cleaning sucks, and cleans on this scale suck more. Thank God I only get it into my head to do something on this scale once or twice a year.

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