Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've spent a few hours this afternoon working on my blog.

Primarily, I've added a few tabs at the top.

I know I blog about a number of random and stupid things, and mostly people are interested in one or two topics, so I've put up 4 main tags - music, politics, gardening and 'the best of the best'.

They basically lead you to the blogs I've written on those topics. The process isn't complete yet, but it's getting there. I've just finished reading my blog to March 2008, and marking my favourite posts with a tag which you can reach using 'The Best of the Best'.

I've got some plans to update the links list, complete reading the rest of my blogs, and eventually provide individual RSS tags for each topic (particularly music and politics), but for today this is all I can be bothered to do.

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