Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art In The Dark

This year marks the second Art in the Dark - a project designed to get the public into Western Park at night.

It showcases a huge number of Auckland artists, including installation pieces and performance art. Last year was pretty awesome, but this year they used much more of the park, and had way more performances.

There were plenty of people out enjoying it, and I had a great time myself. If you get a chance in 2012, I'd recommend this as a must see in Auckland.

Rather than bore you with writing on this one, I'm going to let the pictures I took speak for it. Each piece is linked to the artist profile on the official Art in the Dark website.

Angus Muir - Up In The Trees

Ben Clegg - Rainbow Laser

Ella Mizrahi - Envelope Tree

Emily Priest - A Small Act

Jasmax  Grads - Stratagem Bilateral Carousel

Inside the Stratagem Bilateral Carousel

Julia Oram - Sky Wand

Kate Ramsay and Hyunkin Yun - Knitted Luminaires

Niamh Peren - Bubblegum

Xanthe Harrison and Anja Harrison - Lamplighters

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