Saturday, October 15, 2011

Modern lifecycle

I'm having one of those days where I look around my house and just see so much work that needs doing.

Trash needs taking out, dishes need to be put away, benches need wiping, floors need vacuuming, laundry needs to be done... it's positively painful.

Plus the garden needs rearranging and the cucumbers need to be put in, stakes need to be cut to the right size, the newest orchid shoot we have needs staking too.

The fridge needs clearing away, things need to be listed on Freecycle and TradeMe... there's just so much to do!

It might take a week to do, and the thing with these kinds of jobs is that the moment you get to the end of your list, you need to go back to the top and start again because suddenly the floor needs vacuuming again, and the dishes have piled up again and you have no underwear... AGAIN.

So I've got my fingers crossed that tonight is the night I win Lotto. The first thing I'll do tomorrow morning is hire a cleaning company to do it all for me instead so I can read, and blog in peace.

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