Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Shitty Washing Machine

I am no stranger to shitty washing machines. When I was 22 I bought my first. I'd never needed to before then, but life found me without a washing machine, so I got a really nice one. It could sense how much water it needed, and had lots of bright and shiny settings. It was really awesome... until it didn't sense the drainage pipe had fallen off and flooded half the house (my flatmate's university text books included), twice.
When I was 25, and in a new city, my flatmate moved in and forgot to bring the drainage pipe with her. It was 3 weeks of looking at a perfectly good, shitty washing machine. Shitty, of course, because I had to stare at it while I hand-washed my undies in the laundry sink.

A year or two later I found myself in a new flat, with a new washing machine, and a whole new set of problems. This washing machine could drain, and wash, and do everything else fine, but it couldn't fill itself. Cue many nights (and a few flooded bathrooms) with the hose manually running straight into the machine during the wash and rinse cycles. This time it liked to flood under the wall and into my room.

Now, I find myself with the king of shitty washing machines.

Firstly, it's small - it literally fits 3 towels, but it uses a lot of power and a lot of water. And it eats bras for breakfast, there is no such thing as gentle with this bad boy.

A few months after we bought it, it sprung a leak from the hot water tap. That was super-awesome for our power bill.

Lately, it's started making a noise in the spin cycle. It's not a nice noise, no, it's more like an 'I'm going to eat your babies' noise... that half the neighbourhood can hear. It sounded a lot like the one in the video below. If I had to listen to it too often I think I'd go mad.

Then today we discovered the poor bastard's lost the will to live. It doesn't mind filling, and washing, but it will not for the life of it drain or spin.

So I have just hand-rinsed and wrung out all my undies, and half my work clothes. It kinda sucked, and I'm going to an auction tomorrow to replace the sucker. There's a nice Fisher and Paykel 7.5kg Eco washing machine I've got my eye on. For once, just once, I'd like a washing machine that isn't completely shit.

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  1. You've had some bad luck!

    I bought a new F&P in 1990 and am still using it. It had a split hose about five years ago and the cold water tap solenoid failed this year, but both were pretty cheap to fix.

    I got a drier at the same time for about half the price of the washer. It's got an awesome "turn off when the clothes are dry, not before, and NOT after" feature that most still don't have now, and has never given any trouble at all.


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