Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Today was.... just like any other day actually.

I woke up early for a phone call, then went back to sleep, getting up at 11am. I made breakfast, had my coffee and it was almost 12 before Mum suggested we open the presents - I think it's a new family record.

That said, there was a good reason for it. The pile of presents was very small, and we pretty much all knew what was coming.

So I got my Big Day Out ticket, a movie trivia game, some vouchers and some cash. Nothing exciting but all appreciated.

Then we relaxed for a while, had the first swim of the summer in some amazingly clear water and had a light BBQ dinner with lamb shanks, warm roast vege salad and baby potatoes followed by fresh raspberries from the garden with ice cream.

I do love Christmas dinner at my parents. It's always fresh and delicious and it never makes you feel bloated.

After that I pretty much curled up and watched Christmas Day television. Much like yesterday, it wasn't exciting, but it was relaxing nonetheless.

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