Monday, September 7, 2009

On being happy

The problem with when I'm happy and being social is it's harder to think of things to blog about.

I'm too busy doing things, meeting people, hanging out that when I sit down to blog it all comes up blank.

Not to mention my bed is still a giant mess from trying to locate my iPod charger this morning and I need to clean it before I can sleep.

The new flat is working out nicely. The location is fantastic, the flatmates are lovely and I'm just generally... happy.

I'm usually quite a pedantic person, but I'm beginning to realise the more organised, the more pedantic I am, the less happy I am.

Right now I'm not at all organised or pedantic, I'm floopy and happy and enjoying myself.

It's an interesting way to be. I'm trusting things will happen - and for the most part they are - I'm trusting that the things I don't usually leave to chance will be OK - and they are.

Letting go and enjoying things - the ride - as it comes, isn't something I normally do, but I'm having a ball doing it at the moment. My room remains unpacked, my trip to Wellington next week remains unorganised, but these things will sort themselves out slowly and I'm just going to keep having fun in the meantime.


  1. Interesting what you say about the more organized you are, the less happy, I read a whole book about that relationship. The idea that external order can often equal internal chaos and external chaos = internal order. Except in my life it just seems to be external chaos, internal chaos!!

    Glad the move went well for you, I'm about to embark on moving across town this weekend.

    Anyway, I like to read blogs that makes me think.
    So I thought i'd stop by and say so :)

  2. An organised room is the sign of a boring life.


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