Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bye bye

On Friday we said goodbye to a coworker who's been there practically since the inception of the company. He's a good guy and will be missed. On his last day we got him a singing telegram. The woman was supposed to come in and accuse him of knocking her up in a one night stand. Hilarious idea, but on execution?

She wandered in, looking like a right tart (most of us were praying there hadn't been a miscommunication and that she wouldn't strip) and made it pretty obvious right off the bat that she'd been hired to come perform. She began by making US sing, which we weren't that impressed with, and then she kept getting the guy's name wrong. The singing telegram was a little average. Overall it was funny, but I wouldn't go around recommending her to my friends.

After that we began cracking into the beers and work was abandoned. We began with a few hours in the office, and a few dozen beers later we ended up at the pub, surrounded by cougars.

The night ended relatively early - most of the office was worse for wear by 11, and there were only two of us standing. We moved off to Vulcan Lane before giving up, getting kebabs and heading home.

So not the longest or most debaucherous of work parties, but still good, and a great way to send off an invaluable member of the team.

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