Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lily Allen - It's Not Me It's You

I like Lily Allen.

I don't care that she makes an ass out of herself at awards shows, advocates drugs or likes to show off her third nipple for reporters - her music is fun, her concerts are good and she says the things in her music that we're all thinking anyway.

Her new album It's Not Me It's You is out and I've been listening to it for a couple of days, and I like it.

For some reason I often relate to her songs. Some - like Him - just kind of echo my thoughts to a large extent. Others - such as It's Not Fair - remind me of situations I've had the (mis?)fortune to experience myself.

Each song is done in Lily's signature quirky style which has never discriminated genres - her lyrics and the upbeat style definitely place her firmly in the genre of pop, but the sounds on her albums take liberally from country, rock, folk, disco, house and many others I'm too lazy to identify.

As much as I'm enjoying the new melodies and beats Lily is bringing to my iPod, every album has a stinker song (a song which is noticeably worse than the rest of the album or, in some cases, just plain sucks) and on this album it's definitely the song 'Fuck You' which is a commentary on George Bush and his exit from the Presidency, something that is both badly timed (this song would surely have been received in a slightly better light six months ago) and just plain difficult to listen to. Anyone playing Lily Allen will expect sexual innuendo, comedy and swearing, but no one wants walk down supermarket aisles to a chorus constructed around the line "fuck you very very much" - which, combined with the melody and Lily's vocals, comes off more as a twisted ad for Cadbury Roses than a decent tune.

It's hard to tell if this sophmore album is better than Alright Still, her debut, because Lily Allen is one of those artists whose music becomes tiresome after a while. To be honest I haven't listened to Alright Still in quite a while, so I put it on for a comparison. While Alright Still was quite relaxed and fun, It's Not Me, It's You is definitely more up tempo and poppy, listening to both albums also highlights the digital editing undertaken on Allen's vocals on It's Not Me, It's You - it's lighter and much sweeter than her debut.

Overall this album will stay on my iPod for 2 weeks before I begin rotating out the weaker tracks for new ones, in 6-8 weeks it'll probably become an 'occasional' album like it's predecessor.

3.5/5 little gopher guys.

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