Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's the day!

The Big Day Out is a marker for lots of events for me.

2001 was my first Big Day Out. Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, Coldplay, Placebo and Betchadupa. I went with my cousin, she lost her bag in the mosh pit. Last time I will ever ride the Kamakaze.

I began my OE (Overland Experience which took in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua and New Plymouth over 4 weeks) with the 2002 Big Day Out. This was the last time it rained at the Big Day Out, the year fans rushed the stage at the System of a Down concert and the only time I have left the BDO before 7pm. Apart from SOAD and Shihad I don't actually remember who was there.

I moved to Auckland in 2006 the day before the Big Day Out - that one was the one with the Franz Ferdinand, White Stripes and Iggy Pop. It was the least-crowded BDO I have ever been to and the one where I was alone all day.

In 2007 I went with Shera and her ex-boyfriend. This was the one with Tool and Lily Allen. It sold out and Shera and I had to line up at Real Groovy for hours to get her tickets.

In 2008 I went with Shera and Dane - and it's where they first hooked up. God bless it, two very good friends making each other happy. This Big Day Out featured Bjork, Rage Against the Machine, Tiki Taane, Hilltop Hoods and Kate Nash.

2009 promises a good day. The weather looks to be quite a scorcher and my lineup got very interesting when I reexamined it last night.


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