Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Californian Buddhist Monk

In regards to the last post, I feel much better. Sometimes you just need to grab the bull by the horns and do the things you've been avoiding.

Yesterday after leaving the supermarket I bumped into a monk. A hot monk actually, but it does make me feel a little sacreligious to say that so I'll just refer to him as a monk from now on.

Anyway, so in a move which is very unlike me I actually had a conversation with the monk. Normally I sidestep with a 'no thanks' but this guy was approachable, he was friendly and something about him just put me at ease.

We talked about Transcendental Meditation and my loathe for it, about what a geography degree actually is and a little about Buddhism.

I've now got a Buddhist book (you know how they just give them out...) and surprisingly, I intend to read it. Perhaps not right now, but I'm sure sometime in the future it'll be exactly what I need. It's even possible I might go to a yoga night or something. If nothing else, I'll learn about another faith, and get some good food.

It was definately an encounter which was both positive and memorable, my random conversation with a Californian Buddhist Monk

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  1. I have heard that a little Buddhism is good for settling you down and making things clearer.

    Good luck with the essay. (And i'm sure i'll be online to bug you some of the time you're trying to do it :P )


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