Sunday, February 3, 2008

Aftermath part duex

Well, while that party wasn't unsuccessful, I really have no desire to host another one on the same scale, and I think Shera is in full agreement with me.

I love having groups of close mates over - anywhere up to about 20 is a good time, but once it gets bigger then that (I think we were hitting 40-50) it gets hard. You've gotta watch who's where, who's puking, who's going to puke, where the iPods are, that nobody's messing with your stuff, that you're not being crashed... I'm not entirely sure we were completely successful on a couple of those, and to my knowledge there were 5 or so pukers.

I'm very very tired as well. I had a very uneasy few hours sleep owing largely to the fact I was in possession of most people's keys. Controlling cars and drink drivers was something I learnt about last night for sure. I think I did a good job hosting, but I know I hurt a couple of my friends (for acts which I have publically appologised for) and all night I was going through my own learning curve. It was good fun, and I enjoyed it, but never again.

Small groups only, with people I trust. I still haven't finished cleaning so I guess I better go do that. Today is awesome because Shera's finally moved her DVDs in and now I'm categorising and alphabetising them all.

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