Saturday, January 19, 2008

BDO 2008

The Big Day Out was AWESOME! Some people (a category which includes myself) have complained about the lack of top-shelf acts this year, but it really worked. I discovered two new amazing artists, realised just how good one I liked anyway really was and then got to see not one, not two but three legendary acts.

We went in about 12.30pm because the first act we wanted to see was Kate Nash at 2.30. We wandered around, got water, visited the Boiler Room, sussed out the markets etc. We caught some of The Checks' set - I'd definitely go see them next year. They sounded great and we heard them doing a cover of Justin Timberlake's Lovestoned.

After Liam Finn (who I'm actually a little annoyed I missed) had finished his act we waited in front of the Essential Stage for Kate Nash. While we waited we caught Tiki Taane's (previously known as the lead singer of Salmonella Dub) act next door on the Green Stage. It was really amazing stuff. Right after Taane's act was Kate Nash who Dane had recommended for Shera and I the previous night. On a whim we decided to catch her and wow I'm glad we did! She's like a folksy-Lily Allen. She was lovely. I've since gone and bought both these artist's albums and I'm loving them.

From the Essential Stage we migrated over to the Green Stage to catch Hilltop Hoods. Ever since The Australian introduced me to 'The Hoods' I've thought it'd be awesome to see them live - and now I have! And it was o-for-awesome! They even took a request and played my favourite song, Nosebleed Section. I always just thought they were funny but they're a really amazing live act. Kinda like Australia's answer to Supergroove (but with strings instead of horns) or Linkin Park. I plan to buy this album - just have to find it first.

After that we got food, Dane found friends and caught up and we headed up to the main stand. After watching Pluto's neverending set (Holly - it was an hour long.) Shera and Dane headed down into the 'D' in an attempt to get good spots for Bjork. I stayed in the stands for a little while but wandered to the toilet, the market and the Boiler Room before coming in to catch Shihad's amazing set. The whole concert was amazing and the crowd was insane with a good 100-odd people pausing the concert as the entrance to the 'D' was blocked. Seeing that from the stands made me wish I had my video camera.

I love the fact that in New Zealand, year after year, Shihad is a headline act. They're an institution and it's really insane how every year's concert is always better then the previous. I'd never miss Shihad at the BDO. It's always fantastic.

After Shihad was Bjork. I watched from the stands while Shera and Dane got right up to the front! She started with Earth Intruders, and I'd love to tell you the rest of her songs but sadly I'm not that big of a Bjork fan. She was very impressive though and was definitely a highlight of the night regardless.

Then Rage Against The Machine! I confess I only stayed for a handful of songs and missed Killing in the Name Of which I had wanted to see but I had developed a headache and was feeling a little shitty and I feel it makes a better BDO to just call it quits when you start feeling like that so I grabbed a mocha, met up with Dane and Shera and we made our way home.

In the end we were home before midnight but we had a fantastic day nonetheless. We've had a lazy day in general today, it's been fun.

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