Thursday, December 27, 2007

Silly Season

I bought the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice on DVD yesterday. I'd gotten some gift vouchers and it is very cheap at JB HiFi (oh hell - I don't know if I want to move to Wellington if they don't have JB HiFi.... are they in Wellington yet!?!?) I got it. Yay!

So my days (between working and family) have been spent watching Pride and Prejudice, Veronica Mars and Chuck.

I generally prefer to spend my silly season indoors with DVDs, I get out into the sun in Feb/Mar instead. You avoid the crowds, avoid the traffic, avoid the consumerism, get paid heaps, go to the parties, have a good freaking time and look forward to a relaxed holiday where you have lots of money (cos you worked so hard over Christmas) and have entire beaches to yourself cos now everyone else is back at work or school. Oh yeah, you're holiday's going to cost less too if you're going off-peak (i.e. when every one else is at work and not on holiday) in both travel and accommodation.

And what is with cards that just have something like "Merry Christmas Jane xx Mum and Dad" on them? If the card has something INSIDE it (like a voucher or something) then why use a card at all? Why not just an envelope? If you're worried about the envelope being see through then use a recycled brown-paper envelope.

If you don't have anything except a message inside that card then shame on you, that's just disappointing. Either put in a thoughtful message or meaningful card or send a text message.

I've been thinking about environmentally friendly wrapping. Obviously there's no desire to stop wrapping, it kinda takes the fun out of gift giving for me, wrapping is kinda important on a present. But think about the materials your using, are you using too much?

Yes, this post is about a month too late however it was Christmas that inspired me on that little rant, and I'm going to make some serious efforts to keep Christmas environmentally-friendly next year.

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