Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pandora's Box

I've got a box in which I keep all my special memories (OK, seriously, too good to ignore. That's what she said!) Anyway, the things inside it are special reminders of various events. Here are some of the things in it.

These gems - a lei, a crown and a party invite particularly remind me of the summer I left Rotorua (that's the summer of 99/00). We had a massive party and Charis and I wore crowns. We spent hours putting together these impressive invitations (each one was different) and it ended up being the best party of the Summer.

I'm a BDO veteran and I've kept every ticket. I still maintain that the best thing about living in Auckland is the Big Day Out. On top of tickets I also keep schedules and wristbands. Also in there is the article from the '01 BDO where I was in The Evening Post while watching Coldplay.

I also keep an insane number of tickets - airplane ones (lots of them and it's confusing because Air New Zealand doesn't print years on the tickets so I don't actually know what trip they're from). There are also concert and event tickets - Stellar* and Breathe (who I saw in Hamilton with Scott and Chrissy for our 17th birthdays), Fur Patrol/Betchadupa (a free ticket I got given in Rotorua. I'm pretty sure I went with Chrissy but I could be wrong, might have been Em or Gwyn. Perhaps even Charis? Maybe even someone else!), Erotica last year, Raybon Kan for the 2000 Comedy Fest, 5ive (yes, the boyband), Talking Heads (Maggie Smith is amazing and I thing everyone should see her live), Crowded House (which wasn't too long ago at Vector with Holly) and of course JT!

That's part one. I might post a second half at a later date.

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