Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Everybody needs good neighbours

We have quite an odd neighbour next door. She really enjoys gardening, this would be fine if it weren't for the fact that she seems to have a grudge against grass.

Our first indication of her hatred toward grass came before she even moved in. On my way out one day I saw her spraying all the grass in her 'patch' - the area between the footpath and her unit. Soon enough we noticed that area becoming brown as the grass died and we wondered what was going on.

Once she moved in her love of gardening became apparent as the dead grass was covered in pots - lots and lots of pots. It seems she loves gardening but she doesn't want an actual garden. In the beginning I thought it was a little annoying to have so much crap there but I think I've gotten used to it 'cos I don't mind it so much anymore.

Now my main irk is that the grass around our unit has started to die. This irks me for a couple of reasons. The first is that I don't have a problem with grass, and I certainly think it's far more attractive when it's green then it does when it's brown. The second is that her killing our grass means she has been lurking around our windows.

After my family home got broken into when I was 11 my mother got very, very paranoid about privacy and this (to a lesser extent) also happened to Holly and I after our break in. While we're not doing anything dodgy in our house I do value my privacy and I don't find it at all reassuring that someone is creeping around our windows killing our grass and garden without letting us know about it.

I think it'd be different if she knocked on our door and let us know she was going to be there, after all, she is very sweet, but to let us find out when our grass is dying? Not so cool.

I think it's safe to say she plans on doing something with the area and that's cool - it wasn't too attractive previously and my own gardening habits only go as far as buying the tools - not actually using them.

Overall I can see (yet again) my parent's influence in my life. I look at her 'yard' which is full of pots holding flowers and succulents and strange little figurines and I can't help but wonder 'where are the veges?' If she's gone to this much trouble why not actually plant the plants? I don't know but each week something new turns up (such as a hanging plant in a tree) that isn't hard to work out where it came from...

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