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Geeky madness

OK, ok, I should be studying, I get it - but I want a day off so I'm taking it and reading all the geeky goodness from Comicon. Warning there may be some spoilers below about, oh anything and everything that interests my geeky soul.


Next up, the subject of more flash-forwards--a bomb dropped in the season finale of season three--was raised. "Will there be more?" asked the fan.

"The answer is yes," answered Cuse. "Let's talk a little more about this."

That statement immediately brought Lindelof's hands over his bell, ready to cut Cuse off at any time and raising laughter from the crowd. "Truth is the [next] season will feature flashbacks and flash-forwards."

"The question is how forward," said Lindelof.

From TV.com
Q: Did Ben get caught in Rousseau's trap on purpose?
Cuse: He got caught by accident.
Lindelof: We will be revealing why Ben was heading across the island when he accidentally got caught.
We wanted to communicate to the audience that the show has never really been about getting off the island. People have been asking us all along, 'Is there going to be an After-Lost?", to see what their lives are like once they're rescued. We've been sitting on this knowledge that there's a whole chapter of the story that takes place off the island. But we couldn't start telling that until we could say that the show was going to end, because if you'd seen the Kate & Jack story as just another episode instead of "one less" episode, you probably would have thrown up your hands and said, "they're f-ing stalling!" But in the context of moving toward the end, we're saying come with us to the end. We're not wasting time.
Q: Will Rousseau be getting her own flashback soon?
Cuse: Yes, we're not sure if it will be next year or the year after. Lindelof: Some very important things will be revealed in that story. Barring unforseen circumstances you'll be seeing that story in the next season or two.

Dana Davis will be flying high with the cast of Heroes next season as yet another "ordinary person with extraordinary abilities," according to Reuters. She'll stay on as a regular with powers, but her abilities--just like all the other new additions to the cast--are being kept secret.
From TV.com

It was announced that Dania Ramirez will play a Mayan woman from the Dominican Republic.

"Heroes: Origins" was also discussed. They talked about how each episode will cover a single character and it was revealed that Kevin Smith will be directing the first episode. This announcement shocked even the cast as Smith came out on stage. He joked that he wanted to direct an episode about the first 'gay heroes'. He joked about how the 'two Japanese dudes' were gay. "If you can do an autopsy on a cheerleader, you can show a couple of heroes making out." "I don't want to be the guy who ruined 'Heroes'" he said. "'Heroes: Origins' starts in April.

"Heroes" will return September 24 with an 11 episode pod.

Sin City 2
Miller revealed that Sin City 2 has been delayed due to issues apparently involving the Weinsteins. Miller and Robert Rodriguez have a script ready and it will be an adaptation of "A Dame to Kill For" and other short stories.
From ComingSoon.net

The Chronicles of Narnia
They kicked things off by showing a pre-viz animatic from the new movie. It showed one of the children from the first movie being picked up and flown to a Telmarine castle on an island by a griffin. After disabling a guard, the other Pevensie children arrive with other griffins and storm the castle. They are aided by mice who sneak in (despite interference by a cat).

The second clip was a sizzle reel where they showed some new footage, behind the scenes clips, and other goodies. They emphasized how much more action-packed this second film is, and that was very apparent from the clips. We saw a lot of battles and action. Also shown were the new dwarf character, Trumpkin played by Peter Dinklage, and the sword fighting mouse, Reepacheep

In the Q&A they revealed they begin working on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in February. While "Caspian" is Adamson's last film, they hope to maintain the look throughout the films. They also showed a mask from a satyr named Tyrus. The effects guy operated the goat-like mask making it smile, blink, and open it's mouth. It was quite impressive.

Taking part in the panel was director Andrew Stanton. He showed a new Pixar logo featuring WALL•E coming out and helping Luxo in the logo. Stanton started out by showing an industrial commercial featuring the WALL•E robots and describing his functions. It's by the company "Buy N Large" and showed a web address for the company, BuyNLarge.com, which is now live.

Andrew then discussed the plot while concept art scrolled by. In the future, humans have completely trashed the planet with rampant commercialism. They then leave the planet on space liners while robots are left behind to clean up the planet. Unfortunately, 700 years go by and they never return. Eventually one robot, WALL•E, develops a personality. As he roams the planet, he eventually finds a way to get off the planet. He then finds the last remaining space liner containing the 'lost tribe' of humans. However, years in space with all their needs covered by robots have made them literal couch potatoes. They are huge, helpless blobs. Along the way WALL•E also meets and falls in love with another robot named Eve. WALL•E attempts to woo her, but his efforts just might be what ends up restoring the human race to its former glory.

The audience then got to be the first to see footage from the film. We see WALL•E, back on Earth, preparing for another day at work. He's followed by his pet cockroach as he leaves his makeshift house. As he sorts through the human's garbage, he picks out objects that interest him – a bra, a jewelry box, a rubber ducky, and other things. However, his day is interrupted when he sees a big red dot from a laser light. He follows it but doesn't realize what it is. However, he soon discovers that it's a landing guide for a ship... that lands right on top of him. WALL•E escapes by digging underground, then pops up just in time to see what emerges from the ship. Unfortunately, the clip ended before we got to see just what that was.

Stanton confirmed that there is a live action element involved and humans will be shown in some degree.

Harry Potter
In a recent interview with Alfonso CuarĂ³n, director of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban," Alfonso mentions that he would gladly return to direct the last movie in the series "Deathly Hallows."

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